Understanding the Impact of Bullying on Gifted/2E Kids (and Their Families)

Sm Final 2 Bullying And Gifted Kids

Thank you for your willingness to share you and/or your family's experience of bullying/relational aggression.

This non-scientific survey is the first step in better understanding the impact of social/physical aggression upon gifted/twice exceptional ("2E") kids. The background research for this book will be heavily crowd-sourced, and your contribution to the endeavor is much appreciated.

Note that the information collected via this survey may appear in my forthcoming book for GHF Press. The information may also appear in related promotional material.

Privacy is important. You will have the option of sharing your story anonymously. If you opt to remain anonymous, you may be assigned a fictitious name in the final text. If you do not choose to be anonymous--and your story and/or insights are selected for inclusion in the final text, then you will be identified by your first name and/or first name and last initial.

Some respondents may be contacted for further information about their experiences. If you are receptive to answering follow-up questions, then please submit your email address at the end of the survey.

If you have any questions, you may contact author me here: http://redwhiteandgrew.com/about-2/contact/

Thank you for again for your interest and assistance with this research.

Pamela Price